Full-Color Caricature by Lukey McGarry

Up to 3 people (plus a pet or baby)! E.G. you, you and your mum, you and Mr. Biscuits, you plus your best friend and a pug, you and your two spouses with your favorite baby…. $25 will be added per each additional character over 3 (unless, as I say, one of those characters is a baby / pet).

You will receive a hand-drawn physical illustration.

Only 3 of 20 spots remaining.

Original, hand-drawn, hand-colored, 8.5″ x 11″ illustration on premium cardstock.

Place your order and then email a reference photo(s) + request to

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds as these are custom pieces and spots are limited! If photo reference / caricature requests are not received within 60 days of purchase, offer is void and you still won’t receive a refund… sorry! Artwork will probably arrive after May 12, just a heads-up.